Richard Hendron


is an expert in criminal justice and focuses predominately on Criminal Defence.

He’s also an Accredited Litigator

Nine years working as senior Police officer gave Richard an unprecedented edge when it comes to preparing criminal defence cases. Supplemental to that he has experience of working as a crown prosecutor on joining the bar. Richard has therefore, worked on both sides of the law and has a thorough knowledge of the law, procedure, and the system.

Richard is a fearless and unconventional advocate. He explores all the options and leaves no stones unturned. His understanding of police culture and practice has led many clients to comment on Richards ability particularly when cross examining officers. His ability to expose contradictions and to discredit police officers and their evidence whilst exposing police corruption and malpractice, which ultimately can lead to not guilty verdicts.


Criminal Fixed Fees Pricelist

Magistrates court


Half Day £700

Whole day £1300

Plus an additional preparation fee of £500 per half day the trial is listed for. This is payable for all cases  except road traffic.

Guilty Plea / sentence – mitigation, £650

Case Management PCHM / first appearance £600


Crown Court


Half Day £950

Full Day £1800

Plus preparation fee of £950 per whole day listed for or £600 per half day listed.

Guilty Plea / Sentence £800

PCMH / Case Management / First appearance £750

Applications POA


Pre Court Action
Police Station Attendance for interview £650 (Out of Hours £950)

Police Station attendance for Charge £400



For complex cases or cases that require substantial in reading / prep an additional payment may be required.

Fees do not include disbursements such as travel.

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