Accredited Litigator

Why use a Litigator?
Until April 2014 a member of the public who wished to have a barrister involved in their case had to use a Solicitor as well; assuming they did not wish to handle the case directly themselves.
Since then, it is possible to instruct a barrister who is also qualified as a Litigator to go on the Court Record and handle all the correspondence with the court and with the opponent’s legal representatives.
Barristers who are Litigators may also offer the client, a Package Deal, so that after a one-off payment you know that you don’t need to find further funds to instruct your barrister and you are assured of finishing the case.
With your Litigator on record at the court, you are shielded from the intimidating bombardment of statements, demands and threats from all parties. Plus: It gives you a professional to formulate responses on your behalf and turn the pressure back onto the other side.

What is a Litigator?
A Litigator is a specialist in taking legal action against people and organizations or in defending actions brought by others.
All correspondence regarding the case is directed to the Litigator.
The responsibility for meeting court deadlines and following procedure falls on the Litigator’s shoulders.
The Lay Person can choose to be a Litigant-in-Person and manage the action. However, many choose to offload that responsibility to an authority such a Solicitor or, in more recent times, to a Public Access Barrister with the Litigation Extension.
Strand Chambers specializes in such Barristers.

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