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This service was launched in 2010 to give clients the advantages of going straight to a barrister for legal services – without the need for using solicitors.  For example: The typical money saving that you might see when using a Strand Chambers barrister in the course of a divorce is 60% compared to using Solicitors plus a barrister.

We quote fixed-fees in advance for our services; on a no-obligation basis. So, by deciding when and whether to proceed, you stay in control of your spend.

We work in the type of law that you might face at some point in your personal or business life: Family matters, property, employment, contract disputes, immigration, education, human rights, company law, licensing, wills and probate as well as criminal cases and disputes against government bodies.

This is a new kind of legal service: We were the first set of barristers in London to specialise in direct public access. We have lots of experience in how to serve the private or business client –helping them through the sometimes-traumatic process of contentious litigation.  We also take instruction from solicitors – often at short notice! All benefit from our rapid response and no-nonsense style.

Call us now to and see how we can help solve your problems.

We advertise in some places as Lawsurgery.com . Some years ago now, we moved to Middle Temple in Central London: The famous home of top barristers, QCs and Judges.

For businesses we assist with company transactions, directors’ duties, shareholder actions and the drafting of commercial agreements.

We also do arbitration, mediation, statutory appeals and reviews in areas such as employment final settlements, rent reviews, service charge disputes, and educational and disciplinary bodies.

Our barristers can appear in any court, tribunal or disciplinary hearing in England and Wales, right up to and including The Supreme Court.  We also have several cases now in the European Court of Human Rights.

Contact our director of chambers: Mike Watts, or the chambers assistant: Iqra Khanom on 0207 117 6920 or email info@strandchambers.com to find out more.

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